ISO 9001 Certified   |   ISO 13485 Certified   |   WHO GMP Compliant Our products get EO Sterilized from Microtrol & Gamma Sterilized from SARC
Surgical Gowns & Protective Apparel
» Face Mask, Head Wear & Footwear
» Equipment's Cover and General Drapes
» General Surgery Drapes & Drape Sets
» Gynecology, IVF and Obstetrics Drapes & Drape Sets
» Orthopaedic Drapes & Drape Sets
» Cardiology and Cardiac Surgery Drapes & Drape Sets
» Neuro Surgery Drapes & Drape Sets
» Organ Transplant Drapes & Drape Sets
» Urology Drapes & Drape Sets

SHI is one of the Leading manufacturers of Pre-Sterilized single use gowns, drapes and apparel sets, serving the Medical Fraternity since July 2000 with its corporate office at New Delhi.

SHI products are designed to provide the maximum protection and comfort for the ltcare professionals and the patients.

The increasing awareness for infection prevention in hosoitals persuaded the directors and senior executives of the company to explore the scope of single use products by visiting OT's of prestigious hospitals.
The concern of operating surgeons about sterilization, contamination, fluid control and barrier protection was discussed. A range of single use garments to suit the real need of the operating surgeons were formulated and launched in the Indian Market. These were expected instantaneously by the operating surgeons.

As SHI, quality holds the top priority and every product passes through the stringent quality checks at at various strages of manufacturing processes. Read More...

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