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Quick Summary.

SHI is one of the Leading manufacturers of Pre-Sterilized single use gowns, drapes and apparel sets, serving the Medical Fraternity since July 2000 with its corporate office at Delhi.
SHI products are designed to provide the maximum protection and comfort for the Healthcare professionals and the patients.

Better Future

Inspire everyone around us to dream more, learn more and do more by leading the medical world to a new and inspiring future.

Think Innovation

Innovative thinking is about modifying and launching new and improved products on regular basis for a new tommorow.


Building a company with focus on quality, engaging in continuous improvement and innovations in the domain of medical healthcare.


To become world class supplier of medical services and equipment with the focus on maximizing the value for business stake holders.

Our Motto: Dear Doctor, Do not become a Patient!!!

Full Protection For The Operation Surgeons, Do not become a Patient yourself.

We Help to Protect the Surgeon from becoming a patient !!!!!

Medical professionals should be protected from any splashing fluids in the O.T. MAKE IT EASIER, We are there to help you. We offer complete proteciont set for the Operating Sergeon.

Protective Costume For The Surgeon:

  1. Breathable/Repellent Surgeon's Gown.

  2. Hood Cap.

  3. Leg Guard. (Fluid repellent with dual elastic at ankle & knee)

  4. Face protector / Goggles.

  5. Face mask / 4ply / 3 ply.

Our Prime Product: SHI BVB Gown

While operating an HIV patient case. Please wear SHI BRREATHABLE VIRAL BARRIER GOWN

We Analyse Your Valued Feedback And Proactively Make Quick Actionable Changes For The Better.



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Equipment's Cover and General Drapes


General Surgery Drapes & Drape Sets

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